Picket Mazhindu Bumhira- African (Shona)



Picket Mazhindu Bumhira was born 1968 in the Seke communal lands near Harare, Zimbabwe. Picket had a passion for art from childhood and during his school days he loved drawing and painting. He was very inspired by sculpture of the late John Takawira, one of Zimbabwe's first generation of Shona sculptors, whom he met and worked with for a time when Picket went to Chapungu. Later he started to sculpt on his own and went on to teach his younger brother Wonder Mazhindu Bumhira. Some of his works made the headlines in the newspapers, including "Spirit of Love," which was exhibited in Victoria Falls during Arts Gala. He has exhibited in the UK and in Germany and was among the sculptors who went to China for an exhibition at the Poverty Reduction Summit. Picket likes working on springstone and opal and especially enjoys making abstracts.


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