Pierre Commarmond

Pierre Commarmond was born in Lyon, France in 1897 and died at the age of 86 in 1983. He began his art studies as a student of Karl Cartier followed by courses at the Galland workshop. Later, he worked at and organized poster exhibitions for tourism and the Chemins de Fer (railroad). He associated with and was known among many circles of artists from various schools throughout France including l'Ecole Francais and l'Ecole de la Marine. These influences were manifested in his travel posters. During the Second World War, Commarmond worked as a costume and set designer for the theatre. Following the War, he became the director of the well-known printing house Chaix, as well as a principle artist. As a result of his extensive travels and experiences in France and Europe, Commarmond created his travel posters in a simple yet grand manner with attention to detail. His style romances the landscape, luring the viewer to take a closer look, enticing the thought of a quiet get-away, an excursion to someplace warm and inviting. Source: http://www.sarahstocking.com/Biography.aspx?artistid=296
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