Rangarirai Makunde - African (Shona)

Rangarirai Makunde was born in 1969 in Masvingo Bikita District.  In his early twenties he moved to Harare, seeking better employment opportunities than were offered in his hometown. He went to Gladman Zinyeka, his uncle, who had already created a name for himself. He worked for two years as his assistant and admired the way he created his sculptures. 

Makunde is one of the most acclaimed artists of the new generation of Shona sculptors. He carves from observation to bring form out of stone. He began sculpting full time which enabled him to develop his own unique style. With stone sculpting, he finally discovered a means of expressing himself. His favorite stones to work with are the hardest ones. His creations radiate a distinctively vibrant energy and color. 

Makunde takes particular pride in his finishes and unlike many of the other sculptors, he prefers to do the last stage of polishing himself, up to the final finish. "As an artist, I could express what is already in the stone without disrupting its natural force."


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