Tafadzwa Mandala - African (Shona)

Tafadzwa E. Mandala was born in 1984 in Harare, the son of the world renowned sculptor Peter Mandala, one of the first generation sculptors. He grew up around stones and tools and at the age of six he started sculpting when his father gave him his trade tool to play with. He left school after completing four years of high school at Cranborne Boys High School. Tafadzwa started out by doing craft work, but has come to specialize in artistic creations in beautifully finished black serpentine, fruit serpentine and springstone. His sculptures range in size with subjects that are almost always based on human expressions. His works are characterized with a U and T eyes and straight lines. When he is not working, Tafadzwa enjoys reading art books. His works can be found in the USA, Holland, Germany, France, Austria, Australia, and Yorkshire Sculpture Park in West Betten UK. It has always been his dream to communicate through the art of Shona sculpture.

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