Out of the Darkness, Into the Light!

Come and join us Friday, April 22nd for another Gallery Night MKE!


This exhibition curated by David Barnett and gallery staff members, Ann Connolly, Cameron Quade, and Makenzie Swart, is a selection from the gallery’s collection of 6000+ artworks. The broad spectrum of works selected for this show explores the capacity for art to stir our emotions - from fear and anxiety to happiness and serenity. The title serves as a metaphor for the re-emergence of artworks from our storage rooms, where some have not seen the light of day for 20 + years, soon to be reanimated in the eyes of our visitors. Fluid and open to multiple interpretations, the title also reflects our hope that we will no longer have to wear masks in the near future. This theme is inspired by the difficult times we have all experienced and the idea of light and hope for the end of the pandemic.