Together Again

To celebrate reuniting friends and family, the David Barnett Gallery presents Together Again: A Selection of Works by Robert Richter, Reginald K. Gee, and Shona Stone Sculptors. These artists are gallery staples and exemplary of their medium. We are excited to showcase a sense of collaboration and unity by bringing the artist and viewer together again. As we welcome the summer season, a sense of normalcy, and better days ahead, we have curated a colorful viewing experience that showcases popular, contemporary artists and we hope you enjoy it!

The gallery is delighted to present works by Milwaukee-born artist Robert Richter. This sophisticated yet folksy oil painter produces stunning images by first drawing onto wood using a Dremel tool, then oil painting over the entire surface. In addition, he creates hand-carved frames for each painting – an integral part of the piece. Richter draws and paints from memory to display a sensation of colors. His color application leaves the viewer experiencing the subject’s time of day, weather, and atmosphere. His unique experiences, intellect,  and extraordinary color sensibility result in a stunning style with flavors of Milton Avery, Grant Wood, Henri Matisse, but most of all – himself.

Contemporary artist, Reginald K. Gee was also born - and is based - in Milwaukee. Gee is known for Neo-Expressionism Visionary Art. Some of the themes presented include playful musicians, surreal landscapes, and mystical dreams. He borrows from his heritage as an African American and Native American, incorporating historical images, symbols, and numerology into his artwork. At the same time, Gee's paintings are figurative, abstract and narrative, expressing through the use of uninhibited color the artist's views of contemporary society. His vibrant pieces display a unique Neo-Expressionist style and are becoming very recognizable in the art world.

The Shona Stone sculptures have been a gallery staple since their acquisition in 2004. Zimbabwean artists like Colleen Madamombe, Canaan Ngandu, Tafadzwa Mandala, and more, produce some of the most expressive contemporary sculpture in the world today. The stone itself is quarried in Zimbabwe’s Nyanga Mountains, where 2.5 billion years of pressure created dense, beautiful stones like Serpentine, Red Jasper, and Cobalt. Many of these artist reflect on feeling a spiritual presence within the stone that guides their hands to reveal forms which lay in polished contrast within the rough surroundings.  Each artist expresses through their own style a personal vision of their cultural identity and spiritualty.

We sincerely thank you for visiting Together Again: A Selection of Works by Robert Richter, Reginald K. Gee, and Shona Stone Sculptors at the David Barnett Gallery. We hope we can be together again soon!