Pablo Picasso

Bright Owl– Madoura rectangular platter, Edition Picasso (Edition of 450), 1955
Sculpture, Ceramic
15.13 x 12.25 x 1.63 in
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'Bright Owl' is an original Edition Picasso Madoura ceramic platter from the height of Pablo Picasso's ceramic output. In the bowl's center is, of course, an owl – a subject that Picasso returned to throughout his career. The owl was an important symbol for Picasso for many reasons. On one hand, it relates to his interest in ancient Greece. Picasso returned to classical themes throughout his career, and the owl is the sacred bird of Athena in classical mythology. The owl here can be seen thusly as a symbol of wisdom, courage and intelligence. On the other hand, many of Picasso's works can be read biographically. He indeed had a personal connection to owls and kept several of of the birds as pets in his own home. The first of these was in 1946 when a friend of his found a small injured owl in the Musée d’Antibes, which Picasso nursed to health and kept as a pet. In the following decades, owls became one of Picassos most beloved motifs. White earthenware clay, decoration in englobes and engraved by knife under glaze; black white and blue

"Pablo loved to surround himself with birds and animals. In general they were exempt from the suspicion with which he regarded his other friends."
–Françoise Gilot

When Picasso produced this edition ceramic platter in 1959, it was one of two with the same composition. 'Bright Owl' features a glossy glaze, while its brother 'Mat Owl' has a matte surface and is only glazed on the underside. The composition the owl standing upright and looking directly forward with a sleepy gaze, drawn with the simple, masterful strokes of glaze Picasso was so known for. The confidence of the composition on this platter demonstrates Picasso's mastery of medium and form at the height of his career. 

Materials: White earthenware clay, decoration in englobes and engraved by knife under glaze; black white and blue glaze

From the edition of 450

Platter Size: 15 1/8" x 12 1/4" x 1 5/8"
Edition Picasso and Madoura stamps on base
Inscribed 'Edition Picasso Madoura' on base in black

Overall good and stable condition with no chips, losses or scratches; some adhesive accretions on reverse. Feel free to contact us for a more thorough condition report. 
Literature: Ramié 285