Della Wells

Cousin Mammy Grasp Your Mind, 1998
30.13 x 22.13 in
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"Cousin Mammy Grasp Your Mind" is an original pastel drawing by Della Wells. The artist signed and dated the piece in the lower right. This piece depicts a blonde woman surrounded by snakes and two black figures. According to the artist, this piece represents how racism and stereotypes affects everyone, regardless of race. To this effect, she has integrated multiple symbols that signify racism and stereotypes against African Americans. Two examples of this are the watermelon on the girl's head and the alligator, as in the past, alligators in advertising were depicted eating African American children. In addition, Wells also makes illusion to Christianity and Feminism with her inclusion of apples in the piece, which signify Eve.

Artwork Size: 30 1/8"x22 1/8"
Frame Size: 40 3/4"x33 1/8"