Pablo Picasso (after)

Francoise, Claude & Paloma, c. 1953
Mixed Media, Porcelained enamel on steel
42 x 36 in
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Picasso and the young artist Francoise Gilot began a ten-year relationship in 1943; they had two children, Claude and Paloma. Happy and absorbed in his new family, Picasso made many images of them, including this oil painting on panel (may be called) Mere aux enfants a l’orange from 1951. The original picture was sold in 2002. The copyist used a different palette than Picasso. In the original image, the artist uses yellow to represent Paloma’s dress and blue to depict Claude’s clothing. The trio’s mask-like faces are represented in black and white. Francoise has her arms around both children and holds an orange. The children look out at the viewer, while their mother’s face seems to look to the side due to the planar nature of her face. The picture employs elements of synthetic Cubism as well as Surrealism. 

Porcelained enamel on steel. It is signed Dawn in the upper left. This piece is based after the 1953 original oil painting.

Artwork Size: 42"x36"