Randall Berndt

Little Audrey Goes on a Trip #2, 1983
44 x 52 in
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The present work is an excellent example of the narrative paintings of Randall Berndt. In the painting, we see a woman in a carved canoe among sculptures and wooden structures - within a forest landscape.

Of this work, Berndt wrote: "This painting is one of a series based on the mythical adventures of a female protagonist who ventures into the woods and confronts her opposite. The content is about subjective fancy at play with the illusion of tangible sculptural forms. 'Little Audrey' had her sayings posted on a motel marquee outside Madison [Wisconsin] every day. I think she was a cleaning lady there."

This is the work of an immensely original intellect, an artist whose art is a melting pot for diverse cultural, art historical, pop, surreal, allegorical, and narrative ideas and iconography. This is art at once serious and playful and it invites the viewer to examine his or her own experience and discovery.

44 x 52 inches
Signed in ink en verso, right center, top center and top left
Titled in ink en verso, top center and left center
Dated in ink en verso, top center and left center
Framed in the original wood moulding
David Barnett, Amy Palmer, and Randall Berndt. The Spiral and the Dolphin: Visionary Paitnings. Milwaukee, WI: David Barnett Gallery, 1988. No. 2 (illus).