Andre Beaudin

Painter, sculptor, graphic artist and designer. He was influenced by the cubism of Juan Gris, and the surrealism and decorativism of Matisse. His poetic style is characterized by clean colors and clear structures. In his sculptures he stresses cubist forms. His series of horses are important; houses, rivers, bicycles are themes which influenced a large part of his art his whole life. He illustrated books for surrealists, participating also in this movement. (b mennecy, seine-et-oise, 3 Feb 1895; d paris, 6 June 1979). French painter, sculptor, draughtsman, graphic artist, ceramicist and tapestry designer. he attended the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, from 1911, until he joined the army in 1915. After world war, he devoted himself primarily to painting. In 1922 he met Juan Gris with whose encouragement his early matisse-influenced rhythmical compositions acquired greater stability. In the late 1920s he was promoted by Tériade as a successor to the cubists, with such works as the mirror (1929; paris, Pompidou), in which a highly simplified figure and its mirror-image are defined by patches of flat colour and fragments of linear contrast, and by the 1940s he was seen as one of the major representatives of the Ecole de Paris. In the 1950s his earlier predilection for curvilinear shapes gave way to a more angular and dynamic geometry, as in the first race (1952; paris, Pompidou). his subject-matter was taken from daily life, with marked preferences for the nude in movement, as in games in the forest (1934; paris, Pompidou), and for animals, particularly horses, cows and birds. Each was reduced to a sign-like essence, for Beaudin subordinated narrative content to pictorial structure while retaining a recognizable image. He was always more concerned with form and colour than with expression of feeling, and with rendering solid volume through an arrangement of planes, whether working in two dimensions or three. His work is characterized by its luminosity and by a unique blend of classical calm and lyrical fantasy.

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