Ed Baynard

1940 Born in Washington D.C. Lives and works in New York City American contemporary artist, Ed Baynard's paintings and graphic prints blend the contemporary and the classical, the Orient and the Western, in their treatment of familiar themes, such as flowers, trees and still-life. His works remain very coveted due to their elegance and their stylized compositions American Ed Baynard's successful career in fine art has spanned almost 35 years, and it all began with his first one-person exhibition in Spain in 1970. Since that time, Ed has been the focus of 50 solo exhibitions throughout the world. Ed Baynard's work can, also, be found in numerous collections, including MoMA (New York) the Whitney Museum or American Art (New York), Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), Tate (London), Victoria and Albert Museum (London), Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Norton Museum (Palm Beach) Walker Art Center (Minneapolis) and many others. Plus, Ed continues to create new works and consistently holds sell out exhibits at his gallery affiliates in New York City, Palm Beach, Toronto, and London, England. Artist's Statement: "I have always drawn and painted. Making pictures is no different than breathing. My work is my identity accepted; but not understood by me or others. Without trying I seem to be looking for a new way to present the classical. The process of picture making consumes most of my life. My watercolors, work on canvas and printmaking have been seriously collected for thirty-five years and are included in many private and public collections. The political and social climate of our world has inspired me to write again-in the past year I have published in major magazines, including Modern Painters where in the September 2005 issue is my article on current war photography." Born in Washington, D.C. in 1940. His first exhibition was in 1971 at the legendary Willard Gallery. His work is held in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, MoMA, Tate Galleries, London, The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Walker Art Center, Addison Gallery of American Art, The High Museum, The Center for Contemporary Graphic Art (Fukushima,Japan), Wadsworth Athenaeum, Australian National Gallery, The National Gallery and The Victoria and Albert among others. Ed Baynard lives and works in New York. Source: ed-baynard.com/biography The work of Ed Baynard is at once contemporary and classical. Apart from the Western inclination to treat flat surfaces in such a way as to create a false sense of dimensional space, Baynard manages to retain a simplicity of form inspired by a love of Japanese Woodblock prints. Born in Washington, D.C. in 1940, and currently living and working in New York City, Ed Baynard has become legendary through his elegant watercolors and unique printing techniques. His new works reflect the same poetry of his earlier paintings, retaining his stylized compositions and their Oriental calm, along with a new sense of rhythm and movement. Baynard uses familiar themes such as flowers, plants, pots, and vases, incorporating them into his delicate watercolor still lifes, thus creating stunning visual feasts. The gallery also has in its collection a selection of Baynard’s highly coveted color woodblock prints from the 1980's. Using classical techniques he has created a series of woodcuts that boldly decorate the flat surface, designing his imagery without the use of modeling or shading. Each piece is individually crafted with attention paid to the slightest detail. The wood for the bl ocks is carefully selected using the direction of the natural wood grain as well as the juxtaposition of flat and blended colors. The result: an honest body of work - still lifes that exist beautifully within their own meditative space. Source: rogallery.com

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